Thursday, 1 December 2011

NHB Game 4 vs Rob Ing

I'm not going to do a full report about this game, just a summary, I live round the corner from Rob and there will definitely be an occasion when we have a more exciting game than this.

To sum up what happened I was feeling confident, and I divided my forces so that Rob would have to make a choice with the Screaming Bell, I was confident I could deal with his ABOM (Harriet) and I was hoping to dwellers the 80 clanrats pushing the bell. He had around 120 slaves in 3 units of 40, 2 units of 6 Gutter Runners, 3 Rat darts, 2 warp lightening cannons and probably some other things I have forgotten since Skaven are so filth!

SO I roll a 6 to go first...but then Rob seeing my 6, discards the dice he has in his dice cup and picks up a special one and puts it in...he then proceeds to roll a hard 6! WTF?

So in turn 1 he shoots a WLC at my Lord and BSB unit, I fail both my look out sirs and my ward save, I lose my mage but he fails to wound my BSB, he fires his other WLC at my noble and he fails his look out sir too and dies. This leaves me with very few ways to deal with the vast quantities of clanrats and I then proceed to run around the board picking off what I can, I fail 4 swift reforms in a row and a LD check to march and its just a nightmare game for me. I do manage to pick up 1000vps by kiting the Skaven and killing the cannons but Rob gets enough points to get a 1500vp margin and takes down the 20-0

Rob finished 6th over the weekend I think and i'm glad he did well as its nice to see OG games being represented near the top. I still enjoyed the game as I have good banter with Rob but I was soooo looking forward to using the tactics I had worked out the night before and it was fully on depressing to watch all my characters get spanked in turn 1.

Rob's huge army!

Swift reform? no thanks (the Glade Guard at the bottom)

Run away!

BSB hides behind a tower!

Waywatchers give em the run around!

Finally everything gets caught except the Waywatchers.

Well done Rob! Next up I was drawn against Caz Ziafat of The Black Sun and his Dark Elves...