Wednesday, 30 November 2011

NHB Game 3 vs Sandy Wilson

Game 3 I was drawn up against Sandy Wilson and his Ogre kingdoms army. I was fairly worried about facing an OK player and was dreading this game once I had seen the draw. When I saw his army however I wasn't as worried (no offense) as he had a shooty army :D and I was pretty confident nobody had more shooting than me.

Sandy had a unit of 4 Leadbelchers and a unit of 6 Leadbelchers along with a unit of 7 Ironguts  3 units of 10 Gnoblars, 3 sabretusks (OMG COMP CHAFF) and 2 Ironblasters. He had a lvl 4 with heavens and a lvl 1 with Maw. He rolled Comet, Chain Lightening (hate this) Thunderbolt and Blizzard, he took Bone Crusher on the lvl 1. I got Flesh to Stone, Throne of vines, Dwellers and earth blood.

Sandy's Army and a "gay"


With the great big hill in the middle I took up firing position in the best channels possible and I hoped he would split his forces to move around the hill but if not the first unit over the hill was going to get 99 shots. Sandy deployed evenly with 2 of the overpowered sabretusks on my left flank (one is out of view) and with that I won the roll off to go first, shook his hand and off we went!

Jay Turn 1
So minimal movement from me, just some sideways movement to let my Waywatchers through from the rear. The magic phase granted me a whopping 2 dice and he channeled for +1 Dispel dice...I cast throne on 10 and Sandy rolls a double 6. I was hoping that wasn't the start of a great run of luck for him. In the shooting phase I pew pew lasered all my shots at the Iron blasters taking 3 wounds off each one.

Turn 1 End of Ogre Movement

Sandy Turn 1
Sandy surges forward with everything and uses "Rock Eye" to reveal a dispel scroll and a Talisman of Pres on my mage. The magic phase brings Sandy a nice 10 dice and I channel one getting 7. Comet is first on 4 dice and I dispel that one, he then Casts chain lightning and he only goes and gets it off, I hate this spell, it rips my army I was dreading this, he targets the nearest unit first and does 3 wounds, then it doesnt carry on...not so bad, then he cascades his lvl 1 mage using bonecrusher and the mage is wounded and does 6 wounds on the Ironguts...I hear the grange hill music in my head but offer him my sympathies, cascades can be such a game ruiner.

Jay Turn 2
So not doing too badly so far, I position my guys to attack the wounded butcher unit. The magic phase brings a poor 4 dice and Sandy gets 2. I get throne of Vines and Flesh to stone off on my lords unit. In the shooting phase I fire the hail of doom and 13 Archers at the butcher's unit and I roll a whopping 16 on the hail of doom and do 8 wounds to the Leadbelchers and 3 wounds to the butcher! They flee but the archers finish them off as they run like fat bottomed girls, this causes some gnoblars to pnic and flee nearby. A unit of Waywatchers killing blow a Sabertusk and a whopping 44 Archers are needed to take off 2 wounds on one of the Iron Blasters.

Bye Bye Butcher!

Sandy Turn 2
Sandy rallies his fearsome Gnoblars! But he doesn't move forward as he plans to magic me and shoot me up this phase ( I think he should have kept surging forward). Unfortunately for him his run of bad luck continues as he miscasts comet, cascades his lvl 4 who is removed from play and kills 2 Ironguts on his way out. The Leadbelchers kill 5 Glade Guard.

The Ogres are thinning out already! (The ironguts are in the position of the 2 green dice on the Hill/Temple)

Jay Turn 3
I position my 21 Glade Guard in teh middle near to his Gnoblar unit and his Ironguts. I move the Waywatchers up to shoot the Gnoblars which should make it clear for the 21 Glade Guard to shoot the Ironguts  (but also recieve a charge next turn if I didn't kill them) The magic phase see me cast Throne of vines and the comet that was cast last turn goes off killing 4 Glade Guard. In the shooting phase I kill 2 Ironguts, 2 Leadbelchers and 7 Gnoblars who decide to flee.

Sandy Turn 3
Sandy takes a chance and opts not to charge with the Leadbelchers into the 21 Gladue Guard but go round behind them. His Ironguts are in a great position to charge here and only need to roll a 6...the Gnoblars charge my 11 Glade Guard on the left and some more Gnoblars charge my Waywatchers flank, the Iron Blaster also charges some Waywatchers on the right hand side. The Iron blaster gets in and decimates the waywatchers and overuns off the board for safety, the Gnoblars get in on the Nobles unit of 11 Glade Guard and they kill the Noble!!! 2 hits (needing 5s) and 2 wounds!! The Waywatchers with Gnoblars in their flank win the combat and the Gnoblars flee. The poor Ironguts dont make it and lose 3 wounds to stand and shoot. The Leadbelchers fail to kill anything with shooting.

Jay Turn 4
I move my 21 Glade Guard out of the charge arc of the Leadbelchers and right in the face of the Ironguts. Magic is useless and I just get Throne off as Sandy dispells Flesh to Stone. I kill only 2 more Ironguts due to wound allocation and take a wound off a Leadbelcher in the shooting phase.

Sandy Turn 4
Gnoblars charge my 13 Glade guard on the right hand flank and the Ironguts charge my unit of 21 Glade guard to which I announce I have the Banner Of Springtide and can always stand and shoot finishing off the unit. The iron blaster returns. He dispels Throne in the magic phase and amazingly the 10 Gnoblars kill and run down the unit of 13 Glade Guard.

End of Turn 4/start of Turn 5 as I point all my bows at the Leadbelchers!

Jay Turn 5
I position everything to shoot at the Leadbelchers except for a unit of Waywatchers that I want to finish the gnoblars off with. Magic Phase is pointless so onto the Shooting Phase where I kill 5 Gnoblars with my Waywatchers which makes them flee, the other Gnoblars are below 25% now so I ignore them as the keep fleeing, then my entier army kill the Leadbelchers, leaving only a unit of 9 Gnoblars and the Ironblaster (and some fleeign Gnoblars)

Sandy Turn 5
The Gnoblars charge the rear of my Lords unit, suffice to say I win the combat, persue them and run them down then I end up in a perfect position to move up onto the hill for my last turn and shoot the Iron blaster killing it to wipe everything off the board in turn 6.

I got my scenario special mission which was to get more special and rare of his than he did of mine, Sandy didn't get his but I can't remember what it was, might have been capture standards. In the end I won 2600pts to 600pts for a 20-0 to me, I really enjoyed playing Sandy, he was a nice guy, I think his overall finish for the weekend is lower than his usual sort of finishes (according to HQ) so I think his list must have had bad match ups or Leadbelchers are actually not that good afterall. On the whole I played it fairly well, better than I did in the first game and I had found my feet by now.

I was pretty narked off when I saw the draw for round 4...Rob Ings filthy Skaven who I got tabled by in a practise game a week before...meh....MEH! The battle continues....

Monday, 28 November 2011

Sunday Hobby Round up

I took a break from writing battle reports on Sunday to do some hobby, I managed to get 18 Ghouls assembled, a vampire lord and 10 dire wolves assembled, glued 27 Ghouls to some bases that I have already painted (because they have a pettern on them) and I did all the silver on my space marine tactical squad. I only have 2 corpse carts 10 dire wolves and my blood knights bases to do now and my VC's will be fully assembled. I managed to get 7 episodes of BSG watched in that time so soon I wil lhave no more tv box sets left to watch so will have to hunt down the next one!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

NHB Game 2 vs Kevin Weaver

Check out the video report of my second game against Kevin on the Hophammer youtube channel.

Hope its ok, any feedback is more than welcome. I didn't enjoy doing it as much as I enjoyed the pic/text report but I understand that some people like to watch reports while painting.


Saturday, 26 November 2011

NHB Game 1 vs Matt Howley

So my first game was against Matt, does anyone else find it remotely funny that he has "howl" in his name and he plays VC? actually thats werewolves not vampires... We were playing the "capture the hill" scenario which is basically just like watchtower except you use a hill...genius. The hill was worth 1000vp's and that's too many in my opinion but then again it does force people into fighting, but it's almost like the take and hold in 40k where Vp's dont matter and its all about the objective...good for 40k not that good for WFB, especially when you have a baseline camping army of Glade Guard.
Matt's army consisted of around 50 Ghouls split into 2 units, one of 20-25 and the other 30-35, 30ish Grave guard, 20 Skellies and 5 Dire wolves, he had a Necromancer with Vanhels, lvl 1 Vampire , a BSB with the stupid arse Drakenhoff banner and a lvl 4 Vampire Lord with Master of the black arts, Fencers blades and possibly the charmed shield, I forget exactly what he had but it was basically this oh and he had lore of the vampires on his lvl 4 shadow on the lvl 1 I think with forbidden lore .
The scenery was ok except for the massive hill in the middle restricting my shooting (a problem I was faced with for the entire weekend) I rolled Flesh to Stone, Dwellers, Throne of vines and swapped regrowth for Earth Blood.
Battlefield + Armies
 Deployment (blurry)

I deployed mainly at the right hand side and I planned to whittle the Grave Guard down and then killing blow his Lord with the Waywatchers, I deployed them 18" away (uh oh). I intended to get the Waywatchers in behind him and pester the Grave Guard with their killing blow. I deployed 2 units on the left hand side in the hope of splitting his forces. I had my BSB in the middle and my lord 29" away from his Grave Guard unit. The plan was to decimate the Grave Guard and kill the lord, simple and straight forward, I took the kill the general scenario as if I didn't achieve it I felt I would be in a bad place anyway so it was all the eggs in one basket really.

I won the roll off to go first.

Jay Turn 1
Very little movement from me. A 6 dice magic phase saw me throw 6 dice at dwellers on the Grave Guard which I failed to cast needing 21. In the shoothing phase I managed to take off 7 Grave Guard and 6 Ghouls. Not a great start but at least I didn't cascade.

Matt Turn 1
So here we go then...Matt moves his Ghouls forward to just behind the hill, ready to move forward and take it later. Then the genius reforms his fucking retarded Grave Guard twats into a conga line and ruins my hobby. End of battle report. No but he did reform them into a conga line facing my waywatchers then moved them 4" towards them, they are now 4-6" away. I obviously have an opinion on this and thats that conga lining is totally retarded and I didn't realise it was even allowed in the tournament even if it is NHB... but I shouldn't have allowed him to do it by deploying so close, so many times I have told myself "no need to deploy waywatchers so close" but here we are first competetive game using them and I get the red thirst and think i'll be killing blowing his lord in turn 1. I don't think Matt is a bad person for doing it, he came to win and he saw an opening and took it. To be honest even if I had known congas were allowed I would have still made this mistake. 
So the magic phase comes and inevitably he gets an 11 dice phase with +2 for master of the black arts, I manage a channel for 7 dispel dice. Invocation - Lets it go +1 Grave Guard. Miasma Cast on 9 on my big unit, I dispel that with 4 dice. Invocation 11 on 2 dice...meh, I let it go and +5 Grave Guard. Vanhels on the Grave Guard 2 Dice and I dispel it leaving him with another go at it and me with no dice, he casts it and moves in. Now I should have used my scroll here but it was turn 1 and I really didnt realise how badly it was gonna go, I thought I might lose my unit of Waywatchers then have to alter my plan a bit.

DOOT DOO DOOOO come on and join the .....fuck off
Combat saw the Vampire lord make way to the front with the fencer's blades making him WS 10 and +1 attack, he kills 3 Waywatchers and they run away, I think he opts to reform here as the Waywatchers flee and his overun would miss the other Waywatchers BUT WAIT...yeah thats right the other Waywatchers seeing their weakling brothers die in combat decide to leg it too...bye bye off the board total of 432 points.

Jay Turn 2
No movement, I do put a unit in the building though, another hilarious mistake! but I only did it so I could get line of sight to use hail of doom. 8 dice magic phase sees throne of vines dispelled and Dwellers on the big unit of Grave Guard scrolled. Shooting is pretty good and I take out 15 Grave Guard and 5 dire wolves but Matt doesn't even look phased by it, he obviously has a plan, the fact hes been to a lot of tourneys shows as he doesn't panic and make stupid moves he just continues with his plan.
Noble Garrisons up
Matt Turn 2
Grave Guard charge the Noble's unit in the building, who stand and shoot killing a pathetic 4. Sensing victory Matt puts the large Ghoul unit with the vampire in it up on top of the hill, a move I thought wasn't really necessary as he had cover where he was, unless it was to distract me from the Grave Guard unit. Magic phase sees Matt raise 3 Grave Guard and try to cast Wind of Undeath, now I scroll this and you might think thats silly but the last thing I wanted after having used my hail of doom was a 4 wound base of ethereal ghosts in conbat with my unit of 21 Glade Guard. In the combat he decimates the noble and his men and the Grave Guard take over the building as the remaining 3 Glade Guard flee out.

The noble and most of his unit dies
Jay Turn 3
With the Grave Guard in the building there was not much point shooting them so I positioned myself to to attack the Ghouls that had just appeared on the hill. I was in a right state on the right hand side, a unit of 21 Glade Guard dangerously close to the Grave Guard and I had not thought very well about the positioning of the 3 remaining Glade Guard after they rallied, I could have used them to redirect the Grave Guard but it was the first game of the day and I am a noob so I forgot. In th emagic phase though I rolled a healthy 9 and he got 6 dispel dice so usual one trick pony life, 3 dice throne 6 dice dwellers and bang 16 Ghouls die then another 14 in the shooting phase leaving 1 all on his own.
The dwellers + shooting combo can be really devastating

Matt Turn 3
Grave Guard charge out of the building into the 3 remaining Glade Guard on the right and he moved his other vampire in with the skeletons. In the magic phase Matt casts wind of undeath which I let go this time and then he rolls a double 1 to cast invocation and the magic phase dies a death. The combat phase is great for Matt after I gifted him a free overun into my unit of 21 Glade Guard after they wipe out the last 3 from the noble's unit. I really have totally fucked this up.
Oh look the Grave Guard have reached my main units :D great stuff!

Jay Turn 4
I reform my other unit of 21 Glade Guard to try and get away from the Grave Guard, I also move them sideways. I don't know if I can reform a unit in combat before the combat happens? I never thought to ask, if you can then I should have done this. Magic phase is a waste of time as I try to get +4 toughness on my unit of 21 GLade Guard in combat but I roll poorly and he just dispells everything. I shoot off 10 Ghouls out of the 20 strong unit leaving only 2 or 3 left and finish off the Ghoul on the hill. Then in the Combat Phase I lose the 21 Glade Guard and Matt overuns the Grave Guard a bit closer to my lords unit.

This shows the postion I was in now although the ghouls were all dead bar 2 in the unit at the top, the vampire lvl 1 had moved back into the skeletons by now.

Matt Turn 4
The Grave Guard move towards my Lord's unit, the necromancer leaves the dying Ghouls and heads into the woods and the Skeletons move nearer the hill. Magic, Matt casts vanhels and I dispel it with 1 of my 3 dice and then he casts it again both times were on the Grave Guard, it goes off and they move into my lord's unit :( then he casts invocation and gets 6 Grave Guard. In combat I issue a challenge with my Mage purely as he has a ward save and I want to keep casualties down so I can remain steadfast and he accepts with the Vampire lord, who takes 1 wound off my mage as I pass 4+ ward saves he wins the combat but I am steadfast.

The end is nigh!
Jay Turn 5

I move the Glade Guard that are out of combat up by the hill in the hope of snatching it at the death. In the magic phase I go for throne on 2 dice and fail it... I shoot off the remaining Ghouls and a few Skellies. In the combat phase everything dies to the Grave Guard who reform to face the last 2 Glade Guard units.

Matt Turn 5

The Grave Guard charge the rear of one unit of Glade Guard (god the Grave Guard unis has killed my whole army!) In th emagic phase Matt miscasts Vanhels with his lord!!! come one give me some vp's! but he just takes a str 6 hit on each Vampire and loses 6 dice from the pool. Sure as night is day the Grave Guard smash the Glade Guard and reform into a line to stop me marching past and onto the hil in the last turn.

Jay Turn 6

I cant do anything really so I kill the Necromancer then just say "you're go" and he just reforms the Grave Guard and its over.

3653pts to Matt and 526 to me (20-0) Matt's secret mission was to get units into my deployment zone and at the end he reformed into a long line (sigh) to get taht aswell.

I learnt a lot from the game, mainly about movement and positioning, but it's all things I should have known, I got caught out in so many places and played like an utter chump, I don't mind too much because i'm still learning but I made some full on retarded errors looking back, the sad thing is I could have beaten that army, I know how to play Vampires and I ripped the ghouls apart and the Grave Guard were dropping like flies until I let them in turn 1...with my most expensive units...who overan...into combat...etc etc Fair play to Matt he played it right and I lost to the tournament winner so perhaps it's not so shameful.

Friday, 25 November 2011

My 99 problems list for the NHB Weekend

My list for the entire weekend and all the NHB battle reports that follow was the following:

Lvl 4 with life, Talisman of Preservation, Dispel Scroll

BSB with Banner of springtide - no bow cus he loses it and can't take mundane equipment AND YES I FUCKING KNOW HE CAN TAKE A MAGIC ONE BUT I DONT WANT A MAGIC ONE!!!!

Noble with the hail of doom arrow - a lot of ppl kept saying "just put a magic bow on your noble and give him hail of doom" and yes I understand that would save a few points but the Hail of doom is amazing and in the game vs Caz you will see exactly why I don't have it on my BSB but in a nutshell if its not on the BSB he is free to go around with a small unit of archers and unleash it where it is needed instead of being forced to stand and shoot with it against an ABOM (rant over)

21 Glade Guard + Banner and musician (BOEF magic item)
21 Glade Guard + musician
13 Glade Guard + Musician
13 Glade Guard + Musician
11 Glade Guard + Musician

9 Waywatchers
9 Waywatchers

99 Shots but my bsb ain't one!

This is a list I wrote a long time ago when I bought the army in a clearance at Mantic, I wanted to take it to Tempest IV but they changed the comp on Woodies so I couldn't. NHB seemed the perfect place to play it.
I am hoping to do 3-4 text/pic based battle reports and 2 voice over video reports, I won't make any promises though as if the sound quality on my phone recording is shit I won't be able to voice over until I buy a mic.

No Holes Barred

Last weekend I attended the “No Holes Barred” tournament at held at Maelstrom Games and run by Will Goodwin and some of his little elven helpers, Neil Peckett, Paul Brown Ben Harris and Laura Kennedy. It was a 2 day event with 6 games including secret missions and 2 scenarios, Capture the Hill and Blood and Glory. The secret missions included, Kill the enemy General, capture more board quarters than the enemy, Capture more standards, Breakthrough (get 300pts or more into your enemies deployment zone) Kill more of your enemies special/rare than he did of yours and finally capture 2 pieces of terrain (wood, hill etc)
There was no comp apart from no Folding Fortress and the power spells (dwellers, gateway etc) granted a look out sir!

The tourney was well run and we raised about £200 for charity which I think is awesome. There were some familiar faces (even to me) at the event, tournament regulars “The Black Sun” were there, Russ Veal, Dan Heelan who? (some guy who changes rules packs to suit his own army I heard) but sadly no Chris Appleford and his boyfriend Shaun and no Matt (the king of grudges) Sewell :( sad times. I went down as part of Og North (my first Tournament under the OG banner) my goal for the weekend was to finish top Wood Elf player and win 2 games. I set myself a low bar as Wood Elves are crap and I expected to get well and truly raped in every game with it being no comp. There was only 1 other Wood Elf player there, Dave Maughan, his army was painted much better than mine (shown Below) and I’m pretty sure he spent more than 2 weeks on his army compared to my poor effort of slap dash mantic miniatures.

There were some great armies on display over the weekend and I stupidly forgot to take any pictures of them, Russ Veal’s WOC were really really nice as were Dave Sweetings Orcs and Goblins (with no Wyverns) they came 1st and second respectively in the painting comp. The other armies I liked were Rob Ing’s Skaven, Caz Ziafat’s Dark Elves, particularly his Couldron which is one of the Banebeast models and it works really well and I liked the High Elf army that was made up from chaos models (slanesh dragon princes!) but I can't remember his name. There were a lot of Ogre and High Elf players kicking about, probably cus Ogres are filth and High Elves get Always Strikes First so its impossible to ever win against them :D
The nights were not as rowdy as I thought they would be, there was a bit of D20 Spirit leech going on, a game I invented but never get to play cus all my friends are scared to gamble...Next time I’m gonna walk up to Chris Tomlin, slap his face, roll a D20 and say “your go bitch” to ensure I get a game. There was a little bit of street dice and I ate more boosts in one weekend than I have in my whole life so far.
The Winner of the Tournament overall was Matt Howley with his filthy dirty Conga lining Vamps. Joel Henry and his Ogres came second and some guy nobody has ever heard of in the warhammer world came 3rd Dominic Hook? Apparently he likes to spuzz on pictures and take pictures of the pictures then put them between 2 mirrors to create a neverending spuzz picture...its odd and so is he but he reckons its "art"

There was a raffle and weirdly at Tempest I requested number 619 and won the raffle with it, this time I requested 308 and the numbers either side of it so 305-309 and BAM!!!! I won a £50 Banebeast...which I swapped for the Banebeast Treeman for when I redo my Wood Elves (once I have learned how to paint that is)
I had a great time I really did and the people there were nice but particular shout outs go to Ed Morris for being the nicest guy in warhammer and when I bought him a pint he downed one to make way for mine....AWESOME. Caz Ziafat for starting a game against me by saying “I would give you loads of shit but your too nice” then ending it by saying “your a fucking Cunt” LOL, Ben Diesel for being such a nice bloke its insane, I heard a lot about Ben and “The Black Sun” give him a lot of shit but he’s is one sound guy, genuinely nice. Jotter for quoting Aliens with me, Kevin Weaver (pretty good finish there dude) for teaching me the rules and telling me to dwellers couldrons, Sandy for being a good sport when he cascaded his 2 mages and last but not least everyone at OG North for merely existing. I won't mention how I got on as you can read it in my battle reports and my summary (which will be added in numerous posts over the weekend). For now i'll leave you with a couple of pics of Dave's Wood Elves. I like the use of the Lotr scenery to create the movement tray and the Autumn colours are nice, when I redo my army of weakling elves i will consider this theme.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Saturday at York Garrison - Game 2

Well I was going to post a report about the game I had with Rob Ing at the Saturday Garrison, however I drew him in a game at No Holes Barred so you can just read it in the NHB post coming soon!

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Saturday at York Garrison 2 mini battle reports.

So this Saturday saw the monthly all dayer @yorkgarrison come round (time sure does fly by) Steve Scribbins joined the rest of OG North for some games and I played Rob Ing and Sean Gill. There is a battle report in the making of Sean Gill vs Steve Scribbins but I am awaiting the pictures from Steve. So I will go through my 2 No Holes Barred practice games here. They are not proper battle reports more of an overview of the games, when you see what happens you will understand.

Game 1 (2000pts vs Sean Gill's High Elves)

Sean had a hard time with his list for NHB as he wanted to take an army that was fun to play, however he didn't want to get tabled in every game so in the end he took a list which he referred to as "everything that's wrong in warhammer" lol I found that hilarious. His list was the following...

2 Great Eagles
Lvl 4 with Heavens
Lvl 1 With Heavens (ability to pick spells also)
100 spearmen...yeah thats right...100 spearmen

I had my Glade Guard list. Here's what happened.
Sean deployed with his arse in the corner flanked by 2 eagles I deployed in range with most of my army.
I won the roll off to go first, I moved forward and shot, 3 diced throne and Flesh to stone (its worth noting that Gill said to me he had the banner of the world dragon so his unit is magic immune...) I dind't bother casting Dwellers. Killed a few Spearmen and 2 eagles...Seans go, he moves backwards and 6 dice comet, I let it go, then another comet from his lvl 1, fails to cast.

Next turn same thing happens and I dispell scroll a comet and dispell the other
Next turn exactly the same except Sean now sensing me gettign close enought to charge and put attacks on his mages...turns his army around to face the back of the board so I could only charge his rear...I shoot some more, he comets. Last part of the game 2 spearmen left and all his characters I shot 20 Archers into his unit and cant kill the spearmen due to randomizing hits. I kill a lvl 2 and win the game 1208 on points as Sean fails to kill anything of mine. I used regrowth a lot to bring back dead archers.

Funily enough I really enjoyed the game it was like a giant game of frogger except the frog was my green army and instead of cars there were comets coming down. hehe.

I will post a bit about my game with Rob tomorrow as I need to watch battlestar Galactica right now with my girlfriend.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Video Battle Report 2400pts Wood Elves vs Tomb Kings

Hey guys, here is a battle rep, its a bit long but it will give you something to laugh at while painting maybe?

I think Gill is becoming the key figure in my life and the centre point of all my posts...

Wednesday Night Game vs Sean Gill

I just got home from @yorkgarrison where I had a game agains @apostlegillus' Ogre Kingdoms. We set up and rolled for spells.

Gill's army was 6 cat cav, 13 Ironguts, a lvl 4 a lvl 2 and a bsb, not sure if he had any other characters, he also had one of those big mammoth things.
I took my No holes Barred list for practice which is (if you don't already know) 18 waywatchers, 80 glade guard, BSB, Noble, Lvl 4 with life.

Gill got the first turn and ran his army at me, he 6 diced the spell that gives +1 toughness to everyone within 12" then lost d3 levels (1) and the spell but it didnt matter as I now needed 5s and 6s to wound next turn. He then failed to cast medium fireball on my unit of 9 waywatchers.

My turn 1 I moved all my archers back to give him 7/8 dice charge rolls next turn and I kept the archers on the flank in close range (15") In the magic phase Gill used hell heart and forced a miscast on my mage, i rolled 9 and was pretty much fine although I could cast no magic this turn. In the shooting phase I took out the mammoth, 1 Cat cav (though I needed 5s to wound at close range and 6's at long range cus of his +1 Toughness spell) I kinda wasted the hail of doom arrow but I thought I wouldnt get another opportunity to use it. He made all his panic checks.

Gill turn 2. He marched his ironguts to withing short range of my mage's unit. I think he charged his cat cav at my unit of 22 bowmen and failed the charge and I took off another 2 wounds. In the magic phase he six diced big fireball at my waywatchers and I used my dispel scroll.

My turn 2. I moved my mage in between his 2 units so he couldnt be charged then I moved everything into close range for shooting, I moved my BSB units 5 inches away from his cat cav (so I couldnt stand and shoot if charged) Magic phase, I got 8 dice, cast throne of vines and 6 dice (with a double 6) dwellers on his big unit but he bounced it onto another unit with a magic item, unfortunately for him his gnoblers were out of range so it went on the cat cav...but he made all his str tests. Then I proceeded to shoot the shit out of his army killing 2 cat cav and 4 ogres, which I thought was pretty poor but gill thought it was good shooting. He again made all his panic tests.

Gill Turn 3. Declares a charge on my BSB unit I declare stand and shoot and reveal I have the "Aech - the banner of springtide" and shoot down one of the remaining 2 cat cav, GIll fails the panic test then fails the reroll then concedes, he then says "fantasy is shit" and we go to the chippy and get fish and chips cus the food on offer at the folk hall was poor.

In the chippy we are served by 3 barely legal and really hot girls and all is well again. I cant wait for tempest again cus there is no satisfaction in winning games with this filth army and there will only be bitterness in defeat when I lose to even more filthy loophole finding rule bending pedantic wankers at no holes barred.


Saturday, 5 November 2011

Og games practice day.

I went round to @wfbpaulbrowns house this weekend (Saturday) for a few games of Warhamer with @apostlegillus, @twogameradio, @crouchingotter and @Aeth_1904. It was an enjoyable day, Paul was the hostess with the shizzle and put on a nice spread of food along with unlimited cups of tea. Thanks Paul. Otter kindly picked me up from my house with my board and my army. I had 4 games in total with my NHB (no holes barred) army list against Gill twice, Otter once and Paul once.

I'll start with my two games against Gill. He took a unit of 54 Tomb Kings skeletons with bows, 3 necrosphinx (the ones with crew on the top :/) two units of 3 chariots because he has gone completely chariot mad at the moment and is constantly looking to find ways of fitting chariots in everywhere (BEASTMEN!!!) and 2 catapults. He had 2 lvl 4 mages, one with TK lore and one with shadows.

The first game saw Gill setting his unit up in the corner to protect his catapults. Gill got the first turn and moved his Spinxes forward, he then cascaded his TK general and lost 14 archers...LOL a common problem for GIll nowadays (3 cascades in a row on the first turn) as much as I find this hilarious it doesn't make for a very good game of warhammer. Anyway he proceded to try and get his sphinxes into combat throughout the game however I managed to kill all his chariots in turn 1, then the all but one of the sphinxes were gone in turn 3. Turn 3 saw me Dwellers his unit of skeletons and he lost another 27 archers...pretty much game at this stage but its worth mentioning that Gill managed to take out 750pts of my army with 1 sphinx...PRO I dont know how to work the scores out but I think it was a 20-0 to me or near to that.

The rematch against Gill was a lot better with Gill deploying in a more sensible fashion fairly symmetrical, the game went the same way as the first one in the end with a powerful dwellers takign out half the skeletons and the archers finishing them off. I killed one sphinx in turn 2 with 13 archers inflicint 5 wounds and GIll making no saves of 5+ then importantly when Gill had 18 archers left he charged a 1 wound spinxh into the flank of my 22 Glade Guard, I struck first...2 hits...1 wound... no save. Unlucky for Gill that one as if he had one that combat then he may well have won the game. WAY more fun than game 1. A good win for me in that game but I don't really know how to score it but it felt like a good win and Gill had nothing left at the end, I had around 900 remaining.

My third game was against none other than John Otter (who is actually called that no matter what anyone says...otterman and jotter are also acceptable) with his Lizardmen. nothing special really happened in this game, except in turn 2 the slaan miscast and cascaded YAY!!!!! however he used cupped hand bollocks to pass it onto my wizard and kill him! holy FRAK! I thought it was over then but luckily for me I shot that son of a bitch off the board as he marched towards me, failing 2 charges with his scar vets and the were left in the open out of their unit and the Waywatchers killing blowed them. I did enjoy the game and I was surprised how easily I can deal with toughness 4 units late on in the game. I put 70 shots into his slaan unit in turn 4 and that was enough to see them left with only the ethereal slaan. 20-0

My final game was against none other than the host of the day, Paul Brown and his pesky high elves, deployed with a line of spearmen sheilding 27 White lions, sheilding 40? or so spearmen, 2 chariots and 2 eagles. Paul basically ran at me, magic missilign my smaller units throughout the game, I didnt manage to get Dwellers off for the whole game and my shooting was well below average untill the High Elves hit close range. Once in close range my entire army shot like mad at the 3+ pelts of the white lions and they held up for a lot of stick....even the hail of doom arrow, they had around 10 lions left when they failed a cahrge when needing an 8, Paul seemed to think this was unlucky but he has the luck of the gods 24/7 and one dice roll against his favour when the averages said he wouldnt get it was perfect for me and the archers finished them off, in fact he's so lucky I asked him to roll a double 6 on 2 dice once and he got two 7's he was double sixing this and double sixing that, he makes my brain implode with envy, would love to see him play Diesel Power! My archers then made a start on the spearmen who did make it into combat with my bsb unit routing it and over running off the board, I re-aligned my entire army on the board (about 50 Glade guard left) to wait for their return, when they came back on they finished off all the spearmen and the 2 mages, the Waywatchers then sorted out the 2+ rerollable bsb with their killing blow bolts.

I was really happy to play Paul and win, as Rob said it took him a long time to get his first win against Paul and I saw that as a challenge. I still hate High Elves more than anything I hate them so much, I don't know why but they do my head in! I haven't played brets yet but im sure they will rage face my archers. I think Gill is unlucky, he seems to make Loads of saves in one game then throw it all away with a cascade then in another game he makes no saves but keeps his mage...he does like to test the boundries of the game though and i LOVE that, I want to try out his Mountain Chimera Rage Moster army soooo bad.

On the whole a really great day, really enjoyed it, LOVE the people I get to play warhammer against I am so happy I got back into it, I really need to get a game against Rob too. Would have been nice to run a podcast but hey ho...

I will leave you with this thought...warhammer...grimgor...curse of the midnight wind!
Hey i've just watched 2 episodes of BSG writing this.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Battle Reports

There are 2 new battle reports coming your way this this space!

Vampire counts and creatures of the night!

Hey peeps! I have recently started my 2nd army for WFB, I am going to do a VC army, I dont plan to make it very competitive and it will be themed around Blood Knights. I have got my colour scheme ready and have assembled some of the ghouls, basically it consists of the following:

Minimore core of Ghouls
Maximum Rare of Blood knights
Grave Guard
Corpse Cart
Dire Wolves
Maybe some fell bats.

I aim to spend a long time preparing this army but I intend to show progress pics throught the bulding of the army. So far I have bought a box of blood knights which were so badly cast I took them back to the shop, I opened the new box in the shop and they sucked the end I was allowed to take both boxes, add that to the box I ordered of teh interwebz and I now have 15 of the buggers, enough to make some characters out of I think :D

Project Tempest - Part 11 Tempest Games 4-6

Well this has taken me a long long time to get finished but I dont want to leave it unfinishes so I will blitz through my last games for you.

Game 4

I was lucky enough to be drawn against Paul Brown in game four, I was very happy to be playing him as hes a really nice guy...hes also very good so I was expecting to get creamed, however my army was a bad match up for his army of swordmasters and reavers. It was a fun game with well thought out moves culminating in me being 299 points behind paul with a turn left (he needed 300pts for the win) I unleashed hail of doom on his ass much to his surprise, but I shot his unit of archers hoping to make them break for the extra points but if I had worked it out I would have realised I needed to kill 1 more spearman to get the point sfromthat unit. (miscalculation on my part) So in Pauls final turn he blasted my Great Eagle into the next dimension and won the game...but a good game it was.

Game 5

Worst game of the weekend hmmm maybe. Wood elves mirrror match against a guy I didnt know.
In a nutshel I amber speared his general (a treeman) and cascaded my wizard at the same time, we drew.

Game 6

This was actually the worst game...6 games is too much for me in 3 days at the moment as I am not yet that hardcore. So I was up against vampire counts and I didnt really like my opponent, he kept mentioning how hed won the masters one big deal I just wanted to get it over with. I forgot to put nobles in my Eternal Guard and that lost me the game...(because they were not stubborn) simple as that.

The end!

Definitely going to more tournaments, I am really happy with thenew friends I have made along the way and wouldn't change being a warhammer geek for the world!