Friday, 29 July 2011

Project Tempest - Part 6

Bah! my creativity has been nerfed this week as I have been waiting for "Army Green" from gifts for geeks...I went to the post office yesterday to collect it and it was "Angel Green" now since I can't be arsed to wait I am now going to undercoat my Eternal Guard in this instead, its a lot darker but if i'm lucky I won't need the basecoat of vallejo game colour "Dark Green" if that happens to be the case then I may even save some time. I also got the KR Multicase "Backpack Two" I love it its awesome and if you order one in July you can have any custom foam you like in the boxes that come with it and one of the boxes is free!!! just awesome.

I have a game or 2 planned this weekend now, I have one against Nathan which I am really looking forward to as I have never played him and it was him that I sold my High Elves to all those moons ago. I don't like the idea of elves vs elves but I guess if they want to come into my forest without asking then its only right to show those pompous elves where to go.

I hopefully have a game vs Dan Kerr and Sean Gil on monday too Chaos Warriors and Dwarfs respectively, both of which I am dreading as there is a lot of armour for my arrows to plink off. I have no fast cav and I will be forced to face these foes in open combat...I really will get caned in both games and possibly for real if Gil has his way.

So I do plan to do 2 battle reports this week, one High Elf vs Wood Elf and the other I am hoping Gil will stick around to play Dan and I will observe and write them a Battle report, there will be a brief report on my progress against both the dwarfs and Chaos too.

Here are the pics then of the scenery I have made today :D

 And finally the board, I must say the citadel gaming mat is the best purchase I have made in a while.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Project Tempest - Part 4

Hey! lots of exciting things happened today! Firstly I have oh so very nearly finished my bowmen, they just need a wash on their faces. Secondly I have finished one of my wizards and thirdly my new airbrush arrived. I have never used an airbrush before so I plan to practice over the coming weeks, its not for my WE army but for a Bretonnian army that is going to be mainly white, I really hope I can get the action right for spraying white over grey and making it look like its well highlighted. Anyway the pressure is on tomorrow to get 80 Spearmen assembled ready for my first game.

I have attached pics of the finished Bowmen and Caster. Thanks

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Project Tempest - Part 3

I have started painting my Wood elf army. I assembled the miniatures last week. This week I have undercoated them and based them, I have also applied the first coat of green on the armour and base colours on the bows, shields and hair. I plan to get them finished by the end of the week.

I have done one archer nearly to completion (you can see which one as he has a brown base and swirls on his shield) they are not going to be worthy of the slayer sword but they will be table top standard.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Project Tempest - Part 2

I have arranged a proper game against Sean Gill (also going to tempest) we are going to use the tempest rules pack and he will be using his slayer heavy Dwarf army. I look forward to writing the battle report up next week.

Edit: Looks like he's pussying out so I will hopefully arrange a game against dodge so I can see how I fair vs a steam tank.

Project Tempest - Part 1

So... here we go, I have been thinking about blogging my progression with a Wood Elves army, I have just bought my ticket to Tempest IV and figured I would blog from the very start. I would Like to include how I paint, battle reports, people I meet and finally the tournament itself.

For this blog I wanted to make an army without using any (except for one...the coolest model ever) Games Workshop models, just so I could give people an insight into what else is available out there.

So far I have ordered and received 120 mantic elves with bows which I will be using as my Glade Guard and 80 mantic spearmen who will satisfy my need for Eternal Guard. I have 2 mages, one of which was ordered from Red Box Games and the other from Reaper Miniatures.

Now there is an interesting story as to why I have 120 Glade Guard and it goes like this...

I got 120 for £48 and thought looking at the Tempest III rules pack I would be able to field an unrestricted WE army...I had a practice game against the one and only Sean GIll (european tourney ork and I tabled his black ass...(he did go easy on me) then they changed the rules pack and I cried and bought some spearmen. So there you have it...this is just the start.