Monday, 26 March 2012

Hobby Weekend!

This weekend I managed to have a bit of hobby time...

Firstly I did a basic green stuff tutorial and uploaded it, shich can be seen on the left hand side or at this link:

If you have used green stuff before it will be useless to you as it is a basic intro on how not to go terribly wrong.

Other than that I assembled 16 of my Relictor Vanguard Veterans but not the shields yet as that will make them too hard to paint. I made 2 bases for my Garden of Morr as I'm splitting it into 2 smaller bits of scenery. The best part of the weekend was assembling Krell "lord of undeath" sweeeet! I did this in the garden in the blazing sun and he looks freaking awesome... I now have a hardon for wight kings almost as hard as for Starcraft marines with combat shields.

Need to get him in a game ASAP!

XOXO....gossip girl?

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Tale of 2 Warbosses - Part 2

Let battle commence!

Gill and I met at York Garrison for their Saturday all day session (2nd Sat of every month) we played our 600pts lists against eachother and the results were surprising! along with complete's what happened.

So I had a mage and I took 2 spells, I got the Number 6 spell "curse of da bad moon" and the one that grants poison attacks (not sure of name) Gill went first and rushed at me with his cav and the savage orcs followed closely behind.

I moved my 20 Goblins forward into fanatic range and out they popped! Killing 2 savage orc boar boyz. 1 Mangler Squig kills itself... bent

Savage Orcs fail animosity and have to cahrge the fanatic, the fanatic kills 3 and the Orcs end up on top of another Fanatic...4 more Savage Orcs dead...Savage Orc Boar Boyz charge my Goblins and lose 5 to Fanatics AHHAHAHAHHAH

Turn 2.....

I fail my animosity and have to charge nearest unit with my 26 night goblins...this launches 3 more fanatics out, who only go 3 and 4" and one which cuts down another Boar I have to finish the charge...this puts me on top of 2 Fanatics and a Mangler Squig....bye bye 21 Goblins!!!!! total chaos...and Fail...animosity FTL.

Turn 3....

After a draw the previous round the Goblins overwhelm the final Savage Orc Boar Boy and the general flees and gets cut down as I roll a mighty 11.

Savage Orcs charge the 20 Goblins and win combat, putting all his attacks on my general and his 4 night goblins they now flee and die all thats left is wolf riders and 20 fleeing goblins.

Turn 4....

Goblins rally! Wolf Riders move in behing for a rear charge.
Savage Orcs fail their Charge on the Goblins.

Turn 5...

Goblins charge the front of the Savage Orcs and the Wolf Riders hit the rear...Wolf Riders flipping PWN the Savage Orcs in some serious dice carnage and kill 4 out of the 7 remaining. Static Res does the rest and the Savage Orcs flee and get cut down.

Was actually an awesomely fun game. Cant wait till they meet up painted for the next clash of OnG Rivalry!

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Tempest V

I had the pleasure of attending Tempest V a few weeks back, and once again it was very very enjoyable. Banter, funky lists, armies you don't normally see, people fielding models that had been shelved for over a year :D it was great fun. Ben Curry even took 3 manticores which was nice to look at...there might have been a dragon in there too?

I went with Sheen Gill, he took his newly aquired Daemons and I took my VC which I have been doing on and off for aabout 6 months, wow longer actually, but I wasn't really doing anything with them until the new book came out. This was my first proper outing with them.

I took 10 hexwraiths, a unit of 9 spirit hosts :P and 150 zombies. I cant even remember what lord I took now...aaah yes they were all on foot... it went ok on the whole, I only lost 1 game drew 3 and won 2. 2 of the draws I should definitely pushed for wins and one I was lucky to get (Daemons eat my ethereals) I played a guy with Goblins and looking back I think he slowplayed me for the draw, he even went out to use his phone for 10 mins near the end when it was looking good for me but meh who cares it was a laugh either way.

Had a few games of poker on the Sat night and so far it has been my favourite tourney attendance from a fun point of view. I would have to say that the detatchment comp was lame, I didn't like it much and allowing so many dragons/manticores/flyers but other than that it was cool.

Looking forward to the next one!

Monday, 5 March 2012


Just a sample of my new marine army, its the first practice model here! Sorry for blurryness :P

Tale of 2 Gamers Part 1 - The Lists

So here we go, here follows the 2 lists we have come up with for our first 600ish points. We are being leanient with the allocations for the first round.

Sean "am I a man?" Gill and his Orcs.

Savage Orc Big Boss
Fencers blades
Potion of foolhardiness

20 Savage Orcs
full command
Add H/W

9 Savage Orc Boar Boyz big uns
Add H/W
Full command  Banner of Swiftness

TOTAL 607pts

"UBER" Jay and my Gobbos

Lvl 2 Night Goblin Shaman

20 Night Goblins
+ 3 Fanatics

26 Night Goblins
+ 3 Fanatics
+ Netters

5 Wolf Riders
+ Spears
+ Shields

2 Mangler Squigs

TOTAL 608pts