Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Tale of 2 Gamers!

My good friend Sheen Gill and I are planning a tale of 2 gamers, currently I am going to do Goblins (only goblins) and Gill is going to do Orcs (only orcs) just for a bit of a laugh, if we want a serious game at a tourney we can mash our armies together.

Gill is going to be using the mantic orcs and I the GW goblins, I intend to fund the majority of my army off ebay and see how cheaply I can do it.

Stay tuned and first 600pts lists/purchases etc will go up here in March.


Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The Tale Of The Zombie Horde...

SO the VC army is nicely underway and my zombie horde is lookign tabletop ready now, below shows the story of the zombies...

How they began!

#eurgh 3 hours!

Meh 6 hours!

19 Hours!

48 man Hours and they are based and painted to tabletop standard.

Now I am slowly going back through them and adding detail...

I can't wait to get them all finished, I am really enjoying the VC army and loving how my zoms are playing.

Ty to @apostlegillus and @lricketts88 for the help with them :D


2400pts vs John Otter's LIZARDMEN

You can check out my game vs snotter the otter here...

Enjoy :D

Sunday, 26 February 2012

NHB Game 5 vs Caz (Black Sun)

Old new now I guess but it's always nice to read a battle rep :D I had intended to video blog this one with pics and a voice over but I chucked out my old journal so I only have the pics to remind me what happened and my poor I figured text base was best unless you want to hear me going...erm...erm...not sure what happened there every 30 secs.

So on with it!

Every tourney I go to I always single out 1 player that I really really want to play against and weirdly I have drawn that player every time so far, Paul Brown at my first Tempest, Diesel at Maul, Pash at Slaughter and I really wanted to play Caz at NHB, I don't know why but he seemed a funny lad (in a good way) and it was good to see someone as abusive as me.

I felt bad actually that I couldn't give him a proper game with a proper army that involved more than 3 or 4 tactics, I only had my 99 shots army cus I had no money and wanted to get into Warhammer, so 100 archers for 40 quid on mantic was the fastest way to get an army so I apologise for that mate :P

I was up against his dark elves, a nicely painted army with a few nice conversions, an original looking Cauldron (a banebeasts model I think?) and an interesting list. Not sure exactly what he had but he had at least this:

30 Corsairs

20 Black Guard

20-25 Spearmen

5 Harpies

12 Shades (2x6)


Mage on peg

A recap of my list is as follows:

Lvl 4 with life, Talisman of Preservation, Dispel Scroll

BSB with Banner of springtide - no bow

Noble with the hail of doom arrow -

21 Glade Guard + Banner and musician (BOEF magic item)
21 Glade Guard + musician
13 Glade Guard + Musician
13 Glade Guard + Musician
11 Glade Guard + Musician

9 Waywatchers
9 Waywatchers

Caz's Dark Elves

So we rolled for sides and setup, Caz took the defensive stance and was most definitely going to play for a draw...

He put some Shades in the building and they were quite pesky tbh. I Spread my army out on one half of the board and put some Waywatchers in the other half to combat his 5 Harpies and 6 Shades that he had in the far Quarter. He was obviously playing for the table quarters objective, for some reason he thought I was playing for banners, but I wasn't I was also going for table quarters.

The game basically consisted of me trying to dwellers his corsairs and him bunkering up in the corner, I kept changing my mind on what I was to shoot at which is stupid, Caz kept hitting me with lifetaker so I moved out of range of that and just kept peppering his units the best I could. Caz moved his peg mage into the Corsairs in the hope of using som magic missiles on my archers, however he cascaded his mage and things never looked good for him for the whole game.

Until that is... I cascaded my own mage trying to get dwellers off on his cauldron, a trick Kev Weaver had taught me (the cauldron fails characteristic tests) so even though I lost my general and more points than his cauldron, he wasn't going to get any rerolls if he failed a panic test.  I had also taken out his shades and his harpies on the far right so I was definitely getting the +500 points for that.

Cauldron shortly before being Dwellered and an entire Dark Elf army taking cover.

 I had managed to get a nice crescent shape going and there was nowhere for the Dark elves to go, the Waywatchers were picking off Black Guard from the side as the rest of my army focused the Hydra.

I put about 45 shots into killing that Harpy in the very corner due to its -4 to hit and I put about 60 shots into killing 6 Shades in the building early on, considering I had all this shooting I had so far killed a cauldron (with Dwellers) 2x6 Shades, 1 x 5 Harpies, Caz cascaded his mage on peg and he had killed more spearmen with Sacrificial dagger than I had with was looking like a small win at best with my general being dead there was not a massive amount in it.

In the last turn however I picked off a couple more Black Guard but not enough, there were 7 left so I ran my Noble with Hail of Doom out of the unit and fired it at the Black Guard, I rolled 11 shots, I hit with 8 (needing 3's to hit) and I wounded 7 of them giving Caz 7 dice to roll 1 6 and save the unit, he failed, they all died and the Hydra ran off the board turning the game from a 12-8 to a 17-3 I think in the last action of the game.

Black Guard and Hydra die in the last turn.

After the Game Caz was his usual honourable self and said "i'm not shaking your hand cus your a cunt" he did however shake my hand and he felt there was nothing else he could have done in the game but wall up and try to get a few points. I however was more worried about him speeding the Hydra and corsairs at me...I think he might have done better with that tactic, as it worked for Kev Weaver and the Corsairs are even harder to kill from shooting than spearmen.

I did enjoy the game, there was plenty of banter, but like I said before, I can't wait to play with a more interesting army. I look forward to playing Caz again sometime, hopefully he will get his arse to a Tempest :D


BOO!!! Vampire Counts!

I am happy to say that the new VC book has been out now for a couple of months, I went and bought it from and immediately realised my Ghouls were going to be put on the shelf for a bit, they are still good, don't get me wrong but zombies are cheaper and make good enough core for the lists I am thinking of, most importantly you gain 2d6+caster magic level of them and they can go over their starting number.. I do really think ghouls are worth taking, as if you take zombies to support them you could still take 100 zombies (3pts each) and have 30 Ghouls. The main problem Ghouls now face is that they can no longer be increased above their starting amount. Invocation is great now, cast on a 6/12/18 for a spell that covers every unit in 6/12/18 inches and if you have a lvl 4 necro that means you get back 5 Black knights if the spell goes off, which is utterly devastating. Invocation cannot be cast multiple times by the same caster now, which is a shame but hey ho! The lore attribute is the same as Lore of Life which I like a lot, combined with "the hunger" (if vamps roll a 6 after a combat kill they get a wound back) it makes Vamps hard to kill off. I do think an FAQ is required asap as with invocation if you cast it on a unit containing characters its not clear if just the unit regains wounds or if each character within the unit may gain 1 wound also.

Curse of years is awesome now, its a hex so it can be cast into combat and it now goes off on a 12...more than last time I hear you say so how is it better? for me it's better because if its goes off, it needs to be dispelled in the opponents magic phase before it becomes devastating, now trying to dispel a spell on 12 is not as easy as it sounds and it can ruin your magic many dice do you throw at a 12 dispel? 2? 3? depends on your level I guess but rolling 8 on 2 dice is against the odds, so 3 is safe? maybe 4 to be sure? I love it. The magic in general is better I think, sure Danse Macabre can no longer be used to charge, but that was retarded anyway, conga line charges (HOWLEY!) is not a nice way to die.

So lets have a look at a couple of the new units. I have picked out my favourites from the new book.

These guys on paper look amazing, str 5 flaming magical attacks, ethereal fast cav!!! great stuff...but at T3 and with a 6+ save they are dealt with with 1 or 2 magic missiles, they can move through units doing a str5 hit per wraith, which is great for killing Aboms and the like. I used them in about 6 games and they rarely got their points back, I need to find a better way to utilise them as I am sure they are better than they have been in my games.

Crypt Horrors/Vargheists
The book sees us VC players getting some monsterous infantry!!! love it! the Horrors are tough with T5 5+ regen, 3 str4 poison attacks each and 3 wounds...they are fairly cheap in points and are most likely going to be popping up everywhere. I personally prefer the Vargheists (I seem to be alone on this atm) but with 3 str 5 attacks + frenzy and initiative 4, they are devastating if charge correctly, they are LD7 so its one of the only units worth mindrazoring too. The most important thing for me is the FLY rule for the vargs, -1 to hist for skirmishing and able to fly round the tabletop causing havoc is great, if you tie enemies up with zombies then hit their flanks with vargs, generally you can break a lot of units in 1 round of combat. I love them and intend to run 6-12 of these in every list...depending on how many Black knights I take :D

As for Lords and heroes the Necromancers can now be taken as lvl 3 or lvl 1 with an option to upgrade to lvl 4 and 2, they can take Vampires or Death  with the Vampires being given access to Shadow.

There is a lot of playtesting needed for the new book but so far its looking like Black knights are still the daddy of the special choices and you can expect to see these all over the place, they have killing blow but are no longer magical attacks, they are nasty, and the new models are ace.

I for one am in love with the new book, I find myself wanting to paint my army just because I cant wait to play with it and I haven't had that before. There are so many different lists to be written that could work and nearly every special and rare choice could be featured usefully in a tournament list. I love the way you can now field a proper zombie horde as that's what I personally have been waiting for.

Will let you know how I get on with my upcoming games and feel free to let me know what you think of the new book. :D


Monday, 6 February 2012

Sleeping Hoppy's been a long time of inactivity on here for me, christmas was hectic and works been hectic ever since. The ne VC book has come out and I have been reading and enjoying that, the lists available now are much more fun than the last book, there is finally some variety. I have been painting an army up for TEMPEST5 but I may not get it completed in time, in which case I will take my Wood Elves.

I have some battle reports to go up, including 2 from No Holes Barred last year (yep that's how lazy I have been)

I went to Sheffield Slaughter which I really enjoyed dispite being ill for the entire thing, I met and played against some really nice people that weekend.

I will post pics up of the tabletop ready VC army if I get it finished by Friday and I will talk about the new VC book in more depth along with a rundown of upcoming and attended tournaments.

Hope everyone has had a nice new year and all that jazz.