Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The Maul (sheffield)

Ok so here's my maul review. I want to be brief but I always end up babbling crap. Basically maul is 2999pts of fluffy WFB ran by Tim Fisher. One of the things that make it interesting is on the Saturday night there is a doubles game and fancy dress. It is billed as a fluffy tournament and most people make the effort to be fluffed up, but after having my 98 glade guard in a folding tree house rejected I am now dubious about the fluff levels.

I did really enjoy it this year, there were a few drop outs which is annoying but there always is (it's usually Gill) I did however prefer it at the Mansfield venue, it just seemed more cosy and more well just more maul really, Tim even said it felt like Sheffield is the home of slaughter and I tend to agree.

The tournament was very well run as usual and there weren't any major disputes or anything. There were scenarios in 2 of the games it up a bit. There were a host of monsters kicking about and surprisingly not that many cannons, I didn't face a single cannon all weekend...(could have taken a treeman :( )

What else? The food in the morning (breakfast for those who don't know) was pretty good. I didn't enjoy the burger at the lunch break on day one though as it was cold and rubbery....shame...and the meal on Saturday night was ruined due to the fact that all the greedy pig gamers went back for second helpings of the buffet before I had even had 1 helping so I was left with chilli and....nothing yeah thats it...just a plate of I had to go and buy loads of M&Ms from the vender downstairs.

The trophies were good as they always are with trophies for best in race (a must imo) best fancy dress, best painted army players and judges choice, 1st,2nd,3rd generals, best halloween killer, most bloody halloween killer and best performance with a shit army (or something like that) which I should win every year for taking wood elves but because everyone thinks im an insufferable cunt I can see why I don't get it. It went to some woolly woofter called Mark Wildman, presumably cus if he didn't win something there would be some massive uproar about gay rights. We all got a free turn marker which is nice. Stones bitter was £2.70 a pint and Gareth made some cup cakes which I must point out were very nice, an oreo half on the bottom of the a 40k is worth mentioning though that the proceeds from these cakes went straight to Ben Curry sat at hom cackling on his throne of kebab meat and not to charity.

Was nice to have a game of Perudo on the evening to with the usual suspects, that for me is always one of the highlights it was nice to see Annie win the judges choice best army because for me (and obviously Tim) the theme of the chaos gnome army is just perfect for the maul. Steve wren winning best painted army is great too since he's probably the nicest guy in wfb after Ed Morris. Jack Armstrong didn't cheat and bring a load of extra units either so that was a refreshing change.

On the whole I would give this tourney the thumbs up, especially if it's going to be your first tourney as its so so friendly. Cheap hotels nearby (walking distance) great people, cheap beer, good trophies, best in race and full rankings. That ticks all the boxes you need really. I really don't get why it doesnt sell out in a few minutes...maybe it's due to the high pts limit and people not having the models? Who knows but it's a good one. So well done guys, looking forward to the next one but I seriously think straight out timmy comp is the only way forward for scoring lists. Mark them all out of 10 with 10 being fluffy cus there were way too many people giving 5's for everything (myself included) cus I don't want to hurt peoples feelings after they have already been crushed by Wood Elves.

Ok so on to my games... this really is brief, one sentence per game...GO!!!!

1. Mark Borland monster mash chaos army...He walked through me, wardancers killed a big monster after I six dices call of the hunt into its flank. LOST 20-0

2. Zack Martin Tomb Kings...He ran at me, I shot everything to bits, challenged settra with annoyance of nettlings, eventually won the combat, monstoned the wizard to safety. WON 20-0

3. Doubles Me and Dave Pyle v Danny Pegg and J D... Dave is stupid and thought asf cancelled itself out BEFORE it cancelled the great weapon out and after losing 15 executioners to trebs he cascaded and killed 5 more, then his last ten died to silver helms because THEY DONT FUCKING STRIKE FIRST DAVE!!!!! so we put regen on the spearmen using trusty Athel Loren, charged glade guard into the side and 6 diced the number 6 Dark elf spell...that killed the Silver helms, DAnny's comet killed JD general and I shot everything else off cus im awesome and so are wood elves...I wiped Dave's tears from his face as we won and he thanked me for the 20 points after he was laying on the floor in the fetal position after turn 1.

4. Joel Smith Tomb Kings... Blood and glory... I was on -500pts at the start cus I had no banners...RETARD... Casket killed 20 glade guard turn one, then I shot some stuff off. LOST 15-5 (would have been 12-8 if not for B+G fuck up)

5. Matt Hinton...Daemons...As predicted the new daemon book is all about fucking nurgle shit...and this list was filth...I gave it a 4/5 cus I hated it...anyway mass nurgle wall of crap with epidemus or whatever hes called (this is basically a list Gill was running before the new book but now it's actually good) anyway he ambled across the board, I had some good shooting and was about 12-8 up until the 5th turn where I dwellers the great unclean one right off the board...YEAH THATS RIGHT!!!! and I don't give a shit cus thats warhammer and he shouldn't have come into Athel Loren looking for trouble...I dolt Dave Pyle I was gonna dwellers that GUO off the board and I did so of my word. WON 19-1

I finished 11th which is ok for wood elves and got top woody.

There you go...Maul in a nutshell.

Hope you enjoyed it and think i'm even more of a tosser cus I feet off your hatred!


P.s. I like typos so don't comment on them!!!!!1111one

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Tournament thoughts and events that tickle my fancy

After sadly missing out on a slaughter ticket last night due to being stuck at work I thought I would make a post about the other tourneys I fancy going to next year and why and also what I think of the tournament scene in general. I am really sad to not be attending slaughter as it's is probably my favourite event after meltdown. If they would let me buy 5 tickets for the next 5 years to guarantee me a place then I would.
It does start to get very expensive this tournament lark...4 single player events, 1 doubles event, a team event and a one off for some unusual comp could set you back around £700 for the year on tickets, travel and hotels alone and thats before you even start drinking and betting on dice games...not forgetting the piece of shit miniatures themselves.

The question it worth it? Why do we actually bother? Personally I go to see the other people I have met over the last few years and roll some dice and complain about my luck. If it wasn't for the tournaments then I think I would find it hard to meet up with some of my old chums as we all now live all over the UK. Wfb is a great way to stay in touch and the hobby in general is pretty cheap when you compare it to a season ticket at Arsenal or a shit tone of cocaine. People can have a bad experience at a tournament by ending up playing against 3 or 4 really gamey horrible players...I have been a bit gamey in the past but generally I do it because I get sick of power players walking all over me and you have to make a stand sometimes...I have also taken 4 Treemen and 66 Eternal Guard which didn't end as badly as I thought it would. Don't let the thought of playing against good players put you off though 80% of the players are usually really decent blokes and 30% of those guys are absolute legends who you would let your missus give a crafty hand shank. My main advice if you are going for the first time is to pick something reasonably local and with a comp pack that looks friendly or punishes players who take filth. Pick one that will have 50 players or more an one that has best in race awards then there's always something to play for even if you take Wood Elves or Beastmen. Get on twitter and start talking about the event to people, you might find someone to share a hotel or car with.

The minimum 4 that I fancy going to in 2014 are as follows:

AGOM Stockport
Merseyside Meltdown Liverpool
The Maul Sheffield
Tides of Chaos Reading

Anyway first up is AGOM (a gathering of might) I was unsure whether to give this one a try out what with Slaughter just round the corner and possibly meltdown around the same time. What I LOVE LOVE LOVE about this tournament is that for a mere £30-£35 you get 20 dice and 1 large turn dice which you have to use throughout the event which stops people using bent dice and stops people using infamous dice that roll a high % of sixes (yes I'm talking about Applefords gay pink dice) I also like the idea of it only being 1500pts as that means there is more space on the board and it can be more tactical especially with the scenarios.

Mersey Meltdown I would love to go to again, the comp was excellent with certain units adding a bonus to our TP for the end of the weekend. It's held at the best venue out of all the tournaments I've been to (Adelphi hotel Liverpool) as it's so conveniently located and you can have a banging night out and still walk home. It's very smoothly run and the atmosphere was the most friendly I have experienced so far.

The Maul I try to go to every year as it's 2999pts and gives you a good opportunity to fit all the models you own on the table along with the opportunity to fit loads of monsters in if you wish. I love the doubles game on the Saturday night and I love the fancy dress Idea. Games can be a bit long with the points limit being so high but the fact it's run so well helps to keep the game times in check. It's a shame they got rid of the dirty dozen and fluffy dozen idea though, this was where players voted for the lists they thought were the most filthy and the lists they thought were the most fluffy, then in game one these people played off against eachother. It has been replaced this year with each player marking their opponent a score of 1-5 based on how filthy you think their army may be. The tournament is meant to be a good spirited game with people taking "friendly" lists, I took fluff last year so have gone for semi filth this year.

Tides of Chaos was so well run last year and in such a good convenient location that there is no way I will miss it this time round, the comp was good for all races and I honestly think this is one of the best tournaments on the scene. Very friendly but yet still competitive with some great lists. This is an underrated tournament and I really hope it sells out this year and stays strong.

They are the 4 main tournaments for me this year, I will probably go to another 2-4 based on what my friends are going to and based on the comp for Wood Elves. The other ones I fancy are Downfall as it's late in the year compared to the others I want to go to, Clash of Swords because I really wanted to go this year but missed out due to family stuff and felt a bit sad not to have been to a Cardiff event since stormydd tan. I would consider the EDGT if they managed to get 60 players, it's a tough decision though as it's so far away and I don't want to go all the way up there just to end up playing gamey bastards like Gill, Sweeting, Pash, Peckdog and John "shit in my kilt" Pugh. Blood and Glory and Winter incursion would be contenders as I haven't been to them but I heard great things about them. I don't fancy SCGT very much purely for the fact that I think 80 players is about the limit for me in a geeky games room and it's too far for my northern mates to travel, however I have heard great things about it so won't rule it. Finally I would love to get in one or two doubles/team tournaments but I really have no clue which are the best so if anyone wants to give me a push in the right direction I'd be grateful for that.

That's it...this was meant to be a 5 minute post listing my favourite events...I got carried away.


Thursday, 17 October 2013

Maul List

So I had my original list for the maul rejected. That is sad in a way as I just wanted to win with them in a none comped event and I had some pretty good ideas that I just wanted to try. However there are other tournaments more fitting for a list of that magnitude it's just a shame there isn't any other 2999pt tournaments to go to. To be fair i'm pretty proud of myself for being surely the only person to have a Wood Elf list rejected in 8th edition for it being too hard.

Thank god for Timmy Comp!!!

Anyway...moving on to the revised list. I had a look at many things and the 2 lords on Eagles and 4 nobles on eagles seemed like the best option...until I realised I would have to paint 3 more eagles and buy more warhawk riders...that's a real shame because that is a nice list and its not often you can take infinite I ended up going with the usual sort of stuff. The core choices in the WE book basically force you to take glade guard because they are so much better than anything else and again I have the models to field them at a tournament of 2999 (with a few unit fillers ofc)

So I have gone for massive massive magic defence since the maul is none comp with regard to magic, so no LOS or anything like that I think it's really important to kill peoples magic fact just writing this now makes me depressed about the whole thing...fuck's sake... :( I'm going to be going up against stupid lizardmen magic and dark elf magic spam and have all my small units dreaded 13th off the board.

Here's my list anyway. It's open list at the maul so there is no reason not to post this before the tournament.I think the most unusual thing here in this list is the build I have gone for on my General with the Oaken Armour...yeah who takes regen these days when you could have a ward save? Well hes designed to kill blood thirsters, lords on dragons and daemon princes...or anything with flaming attacks.

LORDS - 589pts

Lvl 4 Spellweaver, Life, Wand of Wych Elm, Moonstone - 340pts

Highborn, Great weapon, Annoyance of Nettlings, Oaken Armour, Dragonbane Gem, Other Tricksters Shard, shield - 249pts

HEROES - 654pts

Noble BSB, Asyendis Bane, Hail of Doom Arrow - 130pts

LVL1 Spellsinger, Scroll - 115pts

LVL1 Spellsinger, Feedback Scroll - 140pts

Branchwraith, Cluster of Radiants - 90pts

Noble, Eagle, Dragonhelm, Amatharine Brooch, Biting Blade, light armour, shield - 179pts

CORE - 1224pts

13 Glade Guard, Musician - 162pts
13 Glade Guard, Musician - 162pts
13 Glade Guard, musician - 162pts
13 Glade Guard, musician - 162pts
13 Glade Guard, musician - 162pts
13 Glade Guard, musician - 162pts
10 Glade Guard, musician - 126pts
10 Glade Guard, musician - 126pts

Special - 432pts

18 Eternal Guard + musician - 222pts

5 Wardancers - 90pts

3 Warhawk Riders - 120pts

RARE - 100pts

2 Great Eagles - 100pts


TOTAL - 2999pts

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Maul - Dark Elves - New Woody book thoughts

Lists will change with the release of the new Dark Elves, we don't need the flaming banner against hydras anymore and the pendant is gone. However imo the couldron is better as it can be put into units. The Dark Elves now have access to all the magic lores and ASF which is awesome because the elves learned their magic before they split up and had civil wars according to the fluff  (didn't they?) so that means wood elves might soon have access to more lores and ASF on the elf units. I would pretty much bet my life on Glade Guard getting the armour piercing special rule :D and I can guarantee that Eternal Guard will soon be the best unit in warhammer (cus I own 50 of the metal ones) with 2 attacks and lots of ranks and asf they will be piff to fuck.

With Sheffield Maul just around the corner today I will be submitting my list. It's as filthy as I think I can make a Wood Elf list but to be quite honest, why the hell not? I mean the filthiest WE list in the entire world will still only be the same power scale as the fluffiest empire list you could imagine. I will post my list up later after I have decided what to drop out of it and had a look to see if I have enough GG to actually create the list in the first place. The maul is going to be ranked thankfully. I know a lot of people want it to be unranked but at the end of the day people do like to have the games ranked, I wouldn't go to a tournament if it wasn't ranked because as much as I like playing for fun I also really like to be in a league table of hundreds of players, to me that makes it feel like more of a game than just a hobby.

I havn't had a game of wfb since tides of chaos...but I can't wait to meet up with everyone and have a few beers and roll some dice...better get painting these warhawk riders...ffs.