Thursday, 10 October 2013

Maul - Dark Elves - New Woody book thoughts

Lists will change with the release of the new Dark Elves, we don't need the flaming banner against hydras anymore and the pendant is gone. However imo the couldron is better as it can be put into units. The Dark Elves now have access to all the magic lores and ASF which is awesome because the elves learned their magic before they split up and had civil wars according to the fluff  (didn't they?) so that means wood elves might soon have access to more lores and ASF on the elf units. I would pretty much bet my life on Glade Guard getting the armour piercing special rule :D and I can guarantee that Eternal Guard will soon be the best unit in warhammer (cus I own 50 of the metal ones) with 2 attacks and lots of ranks and asf they will be piff to fuck.

With Sheffield Maul just around the corner today I will be submitting my list. It's as filthy as I think I can make a Wood Elf list but to be quite honest, why the hell not? I mean the filthiest WE list in the entire world will still only be the same power scale as the fluffiest empire list you could imagine. I will post my list up later after I have decided what to drop out of it and had a look to see if I have enough GG to actually create the list in the first place. The maul is going to be ranked thankfully. I know a lot of people want it to be unranked but at the end of the day people do like to have the games ranked, I wouldn't go to a tournament if it wasn't ranked because as much as I like playing for fun I also really like to be in a league table of hundreds of players, to me that makes it feel like more of a game than just a hobby.

I havn't had a game of wfb since tides of chaos...but I can't wait to meet up with everyone and have a few beers and roll some dice...better get painting these warhawk riders...ffs.



  1. Hardest possible list, I'm gonna comp score you down like nobodys business! Well actually I'm hopeful that the comp scoring does it's job and makes people tone down their lists a fair bit. Having played with WE myself I totally get your point that even the hardest thing you bring could struggle vs weaker versions of a lot of armies out there, but I suspect if you went all out and others did tone down there would be an obvious power difference. With the majority of books now being 8thified I do think WE have the ability to do some things that the newer books aren't so good at through character setup. But the lack of ability to consistently give them high armour saves prevents that from really giving them an edge.

    If I were taking WE to the maul it would be dragon (sub 500pts so can fit a lvl 4 in too if you want!), multiple eagle riders, lots of glade riders, treekin and treemen. I find the gladeguard spam, while very effective, dull as hell so would never bother playing it, particularly not at 2999 where you can fit a few more fun toys in.

  2. I have always enjoyed playing with a lot of glade guard. My main problem at the moment is that a lot of the things #i want to take like 50 eternal guard and 15 warhawk riders and wardancer spam just arent anywhere near being painted and I feel reluctant to paint them anyway in case they get replaced by new models when the new book comes out.