Tuesday, 13 August 2013

List Development

I have written so many lists recently and although I'm doing pretty well at tournaments I just feel like there is a better list out there with persistent top ten capabilities. I have unfortunately decided to drop the beloved waywatchers due to the fact they can no longer killing blow Elves on eagles. This means that scarvets are going to play havoc again, although I may keep 5 watchers just to deal with scarvets but I'm definitely not taking 18 watchers again :P in their place I am going to spam loads of dryads...and wait for it........a unit of warhawk riders! I picked them up off ebay for £12 for 3 of them unpainted so it would be rude not to use them, I am also considering putting back in 20 Etarnal guard because I really miss using those models sat on my shelf looking at me saying "please finish painting us" also I am the worlds highest ranked wood elf player so I have nothing to prove anymore...so I can just start taking stupid lists and getting beat again.

I need to start enjoying painting again... my life and everything around me feels messy at the moment, I seem to be getting no time to myself and I really want those lazy afternoons of painting back.

I have put a few new heroes in my list, one of them is going to carry the Lodestone so that both my lvl 4 and my general can have a 2/3+ ward against death snipe wankers. I like using beasts at the moment but I feel miss using life as dwellers is so so so powerful. I am even contemplating the sisters of twilight these days...they are toughness 4 on that eagle you know...and have 3 wounds each! (maybe) That means a Daemon prince can't kill them in a challenge. I want to be the biggest wood elf Wanker in the world!

Anyway I just wanted to get that off my chest.



  1. Interesting thoughts jay. Could I ask how you are dealing with daemon princes and skullcrushers ?

    1. Noble on an eagle with annoyance of nettlings for the princes and arcane bodkins bow of loren lord for crushers...crushers can easily be redirected due to frenzy.

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