Friday, 30 September 2011

Project Tempest - Part 11 Tempest Games 1-3

Well its a bit late and its going to be brief but this is the final post in the Project Tempest series. I went to Tempest in the hope of winning 1 game and not getting completely owned in my grudge match (if I haven't already mentioned this a guy called Matt Sewell grudged me in order to give me a "chump bashing", and I think generally cus Rob [Ing] told him to)

So I arrived in Stockport with Rob after completely kicking his arse at "liar dice" on the way down (guess that makes me a good liar and him a nice honest chap!) We went and checked out the venue and had a drink and a look around, set our armies up on our trays...mine was my girlfriends newest baking tray lol. I like the venue a lot it was dark and geeky as I had hoped :D

The amount of alcohol consumed on Friday night was pathetic, I was expecting to get completely cained and barely be able to play the next day (like my practice game against Nathan) well I need not have bothered with the hangover practice game cus there wasn't much drinking going on. Had a look at some of the nice armies on display then much to my amazement I learned that half the rules I had been playing were total bollocks and whoever taught me to play Warhammer wants shooting...needless to say I was shitting it now due to the fact that my whole army was based around the flawed rules...this was all found out during a pickup and play game against a guy whos name I forget but who was a jolly nice bloke. Then I chilled out a bit before going back to the hotel and getting some sleep.

Day 1 _ I am going to be brief with the reports as I took zero pictures all weekend...however as I type I may end up ranting and typing an essay...sorry.

So my first game after registration was my grudge match against Matt Sewell, who turned up so late that I was just about to be allocated another player (which I didn't want cus I was looking forward to it) The game lived up to expectations and it was great to play with another player who disliked ginger hair as much as me (hehe Rob) He did start the game with the old "offer hand for handshake then pull a silly face trick" which I fell for like a muppet. So he had Vampire counts and the new shiny Terrorgheist. I had ... my wood elves. I deployed at the back of the board and waited for him to come to me as you do when you have 60 archers. I played ok, got some decent magic off, killed his corpse carts with flaming banner and my wardancer lord took out the terrogheist :D my treeman faired well and on the whole it was a good game, I think Matt just thought it would be an easy win cus by the end of the weekend he finished quite high and I feel like he should have baten a player such as myself, especially as I had 50 Eternal guard who suck. Anyway I won the game and enjoyed it a lot. And that one win was all I came for so anyting else was a bonus.

Game 2 - John Pugh (I think? some scottish guy who followed through once)

Ok so this game was on table 2 or 3 :D (the better u do in previous games means the higher the table you play on in the next game...1 being the highest) He had Skaven. This game went to plan...but I was outplayed and the abomination combined with a few fuck ups on the deployment side of things lost me this game, not by a massive amount about 400 VP I think but he was a good player and I could accept that, there was an epic moment when the Treeman charged his plague monks and plague priest and killed them all (they had been whittled down mind). The fact I had faired quite well against 2 good players now game me somekind of false confidence. The highlight of the game was when I told John i had an item that whenever a unit came within 6" of the bearer of this item it must take a LD test or be removed from the game, I even made a name up for the item and pretended to read it out of the rulebook...his face was a classic when his LD6 or 7 (infiltrating unit of somekind showed up next to it) Gutter runners maybe? No idea....anyway he then beat me to teach me a lesson.

Game 3 - James Darcy?

I think my 3rd game was against James Darcy and he had Lizardmen with 2 Slaan hardcore can you get? Anyway there is not much to say about this game he deployed in 2 halves of the table and split his Slaans I deployed all at one side and aimed to kill one then the other with my whole army against half of his. He sent one Slaan with a unit of Temle Guard hurtling at some 13 glade Guard who somehow managed to survive with 3 guys left, I double 1 the morale chack then charge my wardancers, treemen and a unit of Eternal guard into it, meanwhile my archers kill off mot of the rest of his army. He breaks, I run down the Slaan and his other slaan dimensional cascades killing 13 Temple guard and dies...LOL the end! I even got my secret mission here which was to run 2 units into his deployment zone and I spitefully denied him his, by making all his skinks iun my deployment run away, he had one model on the board at th end and I scored 2820 Vps :D

Great day, really enjoyed it, had a good drink in the evening played "gateway" with sweeting and listened to Gil talk about his 6 poos.


Friday, 2 September 2011

Project Tempest - Part 10 Ready For Battle

So the day is finally here...I have literally just finished my army with 4 hours to spare before I leave, I have not finished my lords and heroes but they are better than table top standard...the tree looks nice as I thought it would and Nathan has kindly lent me an eagle as someone was going to bring me one to buy off them but they kept forgetting (no names mentioned). So I am sure ill get my arse kicked in every game but out of it all I have motivated myself to paint 3500 points of wood elves (I initially did 90 Glade guard then I had to change my list) and thats an achievment in itself. I have honestly enjoyed painting the lords as they are some of my favourite models of all time, I look forward to fiishing them when I get back.

Here are the PICS!!!