Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Wood Elf Upgrade

Well here we are after a massive 6 month break. Life has finally settled down into some kind of normality again apart from the fact I am moving to London in 3 weeks...ok so it's still a little up in the air. Regardless of that I have started what I wanted to start 6 months ago, replacing all my mantic with GW models. I think what spurred me on was a doubles game at mansfield maul where on the tabletop my army next to Dave Pyles looked like a sack of crap, I plan to double up with him again so I don't really want to feel that shame again, although I think his snow looks better than mine.

 I always love winter themed armies so I have gone for a winter woody army, I will be using Eternal Guard ( as always ) as they fir the theme nicely, I would love to have no tree spirits and stick completely to the fluff but in all honesty I won't win any competitive games so basically....balls to that. I intend to add one more layer of highlights to the Glade Guard here as suggested by mental rapey Dave Sweeting. 

 The forest spirits are painted reasonably pale, to show their dwindling power as the winter sets in, I have just re-based these and have two units like this one. The plan is to get it all done in time for Sheffield Slaughter (a great tourney if you get the chance to go) which is optimistic, but my hobby has always been about turning around armies quickly, like the 2 week mantic army. I feel that one day I will do an army in 2 months and I'll have got so good at speed painting that the painting standard will be somewhat there with minimal effort.

I would just like to give a quick mention to the tale of four geeks podcast, I had a listen today and its very good, considering it has been around a very short time it is already quite flowing and full of great content, give it a listen and if you like wood elves then Jon on the show is doing his own (albeit band wagoner to the jayhop train) project.

Once again sorry for all the typos but I really don't give two hoots