Monday, 18 March 2013

List Writing Blues

Why is it whenever a tournament is just around the corner I decide to change my list and put something in it that means I need to do a crap load of painting?

I am so sick of not being able to deal with armour now that I have gone for a monster mash list for the next tournament. I am going to a one dayer in Welwyn Garden City which is using the SCGT comp and will be a good opportunity to try something new out, I have no real intention of winning and with the list I have written I expect I will be very near the bottom but I just want to see what a lord on an eagle, 2 nobles on eagles and 2-3 Treemen can do between them.

I am tempted to drop the Treeman Ancient and take a lvl 4 on Athel Loren or Beasts and I think that will be the sensible option otherwise I will struggle to dispel anything. I am worried about cannons obviously, it's a real shame cannons are so good and never miss as I would really love to take exciting monster lists. I would have liked to take a load of warhawk riders too but I haven't got time to convert those yet before the tourney. I have a free wood to paint (finally) 3 lords to ride on the eagles and a Treeman which I should get done in time.

I guess I could just take high elves....

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